Approvals and testing

Cable ladders, cable trays and lighting tracks

- Loading capacities and strength of the products have been tested by VTT (Finnish Technical Research Center).

- STUL guarantee (in Finland)
- EAC Certificate
- Cold resistance tested
- CE mark

INSTAL® cable trunking system

- The products meet requirements of the standard EN 50085-2-1

- The products meet requirements of the ROHS directive (restriction of Hazardous Substances) 2002/95EC
- The products fulfill safety regulations of the Low Voltage Directive 2006/95/EY
- Following safety certificates have been issued for the products:
- FI (Finland)
- S (Sweden)
- N (Norway)
- Demko (Denmark)
- CE (International)

MEKA® and unipro® certificates

EC Declaration of Conformity KS20, KS80, KSF80, MEK, KR, CT, WMT, INSTAL, INFORM ja UNIPRO

unipro® T3 EC Declaration of Conformity
EU Declaration of Confirmity unipro A75, A100
NCS/ FI 29251 INSTAL, EN 50085
FI 27584 unipro A100, EN 60570, EN 60598
FI 27774 A1 unipro A75, EN 60570, EN 60598
FI 29405 unipro T3 series, EN 60570, EN 60598